About Us

EuroGulf Gold Traders is a premier mineral and commodity advisory and consultancy firm linking buyers and sellers of Gold Bullion together. We are mandated by real and credible KPC compliant seller of Gold Bullion from African continent with the legal right and authority to the product that is being offered for sale.

Our primary objective is to facilitate deals between KPC compliant Miners and Sellers with Ready, Willing and Financial Able Buyers Globally. We have structured our services to enable our clients to close transactions in a fast and efficient way, without wasting time looking for buyers or sellers. We provide a wide array of services to meet customer needs.

  • Acting as agents for buyers and sellers, working with large corporations, private companies, individuals or other agents.

  • We believe in professionalism and we make a concerted effort to expedite our transactions, providing authentic documents to facilitate smooth sales.

  • Our goal is to maximize value for both customers and suppliers and help both sides manage short, medium and long-term goals.

  • We work with a large network of companies across the supply chain, ultimately basing our decisions on how we can best build long-term value.

  • We offer the most creative and competitive trading option for suppliers and customers by tailoring facilities for each customer on a one-to-one basis.

  • Transactions could vary from single spot deals to multi term contracts.