Our Services

Our Services

Mineral Agents And Sourcing: Connecting Buyers and Sellers

We connect mineral and commodity buyers to reputable and authentic KPC compliant sellers on the African continent that are established, respected and trusted. We provide due diligence on all mineral and commodity providers to make sure you get the right product hassle free. We only deal with trusted mineral and commodity experts with a strong track record of protecting and growing client’s wealth.

Authentication & Verification

A key consideration is that you can trust your gold and other mineral providers with regard to the authenticity of your product. Verifying the authenticity of the gold and other metals is of paramount importance. We have the experience and the authentication procedures in place to ensure that your preferred minerral is genuine.

We ensure that all the gold you receive is refined by an accredited bullion mint or refiner, stamped with a serial number and is of a purity of at least 99.5%. Once a gold bar has been assayed and is of proven weight and purity to be accepted by the professional markets, the bar should remain in professional vaults recognised by international financial exchanges. A gold bar that remains within the gold market’s chain of integrity can be easily traded and exchanged and furthermore, it does not need to be reassayed or reproven. Gold bullion that remains within the chain of integrity is said to be of ‘good delivery’ status.

By keeping gold bullion within the chain of integrity, we can assure that our clients own authentic gold bullion. Know your customer (KYC) and international money laundering requirements, which involve having photographic identification documents for all clients – whether buying or selling – actually help protect clients. They mean that bullion providers can always trace who has sold them what product and greatly reduce the risk of inauthentic gold bullion entering the market.

Technical Testing

When it comes to establishing your products, either locally or internationally, you need to prove that your product parts comply with your client’s technical requirements. Plus, to increase competitive edge, you need to protect merchants, processors and manufacturers against the risk of using a non-conforming product. You will also need to protect yourself against the risk of using non-conforming materials during manufacturing. Materials testing is the answer.

Laboratory analysis of gold is generally carried out through a fire assay process to isolate the precious metals and followed by gravimetry or atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) to determine sample concentrations.

Documentation & Verification

We provide all necessary documentation and permits needed for you to conclude the mineral buying process. We will help and guide you through the bureaucratic processes so that everything runs smoothly. We also provide verification of any documents or certificates assigned during the process to ensure their authenticity.

Safe Storage

Africa Gold Traders offers facilities for you to store your gold and other valuable minerals in an allocated account with a specialist storage facility with independent verification, audit controls and appropriate insurance cover. Having your gold stored in this way allows you to immediately sell your gold or other precious metal holdings should you wish. It also allows you to avoid further re-authentication costs as the bullion has always remained within the chain of integrity. We do not expose our clients to unnecessary counter party risk by storing clients’ gold in highly specialized storage facilities


We help in securing independent insurance covering potential loss in transit of your gold bullion or other valuable minerals. Most courier services do not accept any responsibility for bullion requiring the prudent broker to carry supplemental insurance and provide you with proof of insurance cover.

Transportation, Customs And Logistics

We have international logistical expertise and experience in dealing with clients in many different countries. Many gold buyers choose to store some of their gold in countries which they are not resident in, in order to reduce national and geopolitical risk. The logistics of international transportation and the international storage of gold can be very complicated and requires specialist knowledge and indeed good relationships. It involves handling different sales tax (including VAT) regimes as well as customs and duties obligations. Inexperience in this area often results in incorrect taxes and tariffs being applied at the expense of the client as well as delaying delivery of your gold.

Once purchased your gold will be sent to you wherever you are worldwide. Our experience, liability coverage and service levels are second to none. Ship your precious gold investments in absolute security with us. Africa Quality Gold is a major logistics provider for valuables and is trusted to ship gold worldwide.